M.I.A. Releases New Remix EP

    2010 was kind of a rough year for M.I.A. Her album /\/\/\Y/\ was far less of a success, both critically and commercially, than her prior two records. The New York Times wrote an article vaguely accusing her of being a fake, and Maya followed it up by actively looking for people on Twitter to harass the author of the article. 2011 is looking up for Maya, though, with her promising Vicki Leekx EP, which is now immediately followed up with Internet Connection (The Remixes), a four-track remix album of /\/\/\Y/\ bonus track from an eclectiv cariety of producers. It’s available now digitally from Interscope, so check it out here. Hope your Hew Year’s Resolutions go right, Maya. Catach the full Internet Connection EP track list below. [Pitchfork]