M.I.A. Recruits Filipino Verizon Workers For Kala Follow-Up

    With the ubiquity of “Paper Planes,” it’s easy to forget that it’s been over two years since M.I.A. has released an album. During that time she’s had a child, retired from music, spoken out on various political issues, and worked on graphic design and fashion projects. She might have been keeping herself pretty busy, but none of those will have the same impact as the follow-up to Kala. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, M.I.A. said that she is putting the finishing touches on the album, which she recorded with Blaqstarr. She expressed concern about not wanting the music to sound “gimmicky or silly or hipstery” and noted that she chose Blaqstarr to produce because “he simply makes music that sounds good.” Apparently the definition of simply sounding good includes a group of Verizon workers from the Philippines, who  sing the hook on “I’m Down Like Your Internet Connection.” If ambition helps a chorus, “Paper Planes” might finally have a replacement. [Rolling Stone]


    Photo Credit: Moses Namkung