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M.I.A. on <i>Kala</i>: "Diplo didn't make it."

Pitchfork posted an interesting, rambling interview with M.I.A. today. In particular she wanted to set the record on who should be credited for her work.
Pitchfork: So tell me a bit about Kala. I just heard it for the first time today, and--
M.I.A.: Diplo didn't make it.
Pitchfork: Uh, what?
M.I.A.: He never made Arular, but you guys keep writing it.
Pitchfork: 'He' being Diplo?
M.I.A.: You're not listening to me at all, are you?
Pitchfork: Well, it's hard to say where it originated. We certainly have made reference to Diplo playing a part on your records, but it seems like everyone plays that up.
M.I.A.: If you read the credits, he sent me a loop for "Bucky Done Gun", and I made a song in London, and it became "Bucky Done Gun". But that was the only song he was actually involved in on Arular. So the whole time I've had immigration problems and not been able to get in the country, what I am or what I do has got a life of its own, and is becoming less and less to do with me. And I just find it a bit upsetting and kind of insulting that I can't have any ideas on my own because I'm a female or that people from undeveloped countries can't have ideas of their own unless it's backed up by someone who's blond-haired and blue-eyed. After the first time it's cool, the second time it's cool, but after like the third, fourth, fifth time, maybe it's an issue that we need to talk about, maybe that's something important, you know.
Pitchfork: I'm a little surprised by what you're saying, not because I don't agree with it, but because, in a way, you seem to be ceding or maybe even resigning the marquee to Switch out of frustration. All of this attention has been put on someone else in helping you make this record, and I completely understand why that would be upsetting, but at the end of the day, no matter who produced the tracks, it still says M.I.A. on the spine of the record packaging.
M.I.A.: That's what I'm saying. There is an issue especially with what male journalists write about me and say "this MUST have come from a guy." I can understand that, I can follow that, that's fine. But when female journalists as well put your work and things down to it being all coming from a man, that really fucks me up. It's bullshit. I mean, for me especially, I felt like this is the only thing I have, and if I can stick my neck out and go for the issues and go through my life as it is, the least I can have is my creativity. And I think that's probably the stupidest thing about it. I wish somebody did conjure the spirit out so I can change that, and now I'm going to spit some politics, I was going to be like this... fucking... whatever, the thing that I was, I wish that somebody did conjure it out. But I'm not going to give that credit, whatever my life is and whatever my lifestyle and whatever people in Sri Lanka feel is right, like somebody masterminded it. You know what I mean? I think that's bullshit.

[M.I.A. Confronts the Haters]
Gorilla vs. Bear also posted up some MP3s from her KCRW perfromance.
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She does have kind of a point though, doesn't she? How many write ups were all about Diplo? I'm very surprised to hear he had that low a level of involvement...

Jeff Klingman

I think she does have a point, but for me I think it got started with that mixtape Diplo put out though. Then they also dated or whatever so it became natural to associate the two.

Dave Park

Her persecution complex in that interview really tested my patience.

John Zeiss

diplo co-produced URAQT on arular too.. Xl just bought dj patricks publishing for like 1000 bucks or something.. that bought everything the guy ever made... no one got hurt but dj patrick (former bmore club star) could have had a bigger stake at it.. that version was on PFT that diplo chopped and producedon new record he produced xr2, hustle, paper planes, big branch and recorded her on down river (he gave her the tracks from his trips in autralia which he got from morganics, and inspired him to create the heaps decent project) and she "used" the hook for world town from a 16 yr old collaborator of blaqstarr "rye rye" (which is why he omitted "thumbs down" from blaqstarr's supastarr EP on mad decent) we only had her collab with blaqstarr because she wanted to collab with aaron lacrate... and we thought it was a bad look for the scene in bmore and for her credibility.the only tracks diplo didnt have some part in from Kala is bamboo banger, 20 dollar jimmy, boyz. he made the original demos and recorded vocals for bird flu and the turn. (if anyone saw her performance in central park.. she rapped the birdflu lyrics over bow wow wow 'c32 c90 go!' or whatever it was called.diplo and m.i.a. made piracy funds terrorism because xl recordings only marketing idea in the USA for her promotion was a print ad for triple five soul... PFT did more than that? i hope so ... I think it made XL about 1 million dollars from licensing to interscope.. diplo sold a shit load too and made his money so he could do other shit like buy cereal and new pantsim sure diplo wants to apologize for being white and making some peoples favorite tracks from her records. he always had the best interest in her music, and it sux that people dont think thatchris (

mad decent

She does sort of make it sound like we're living in 1930s Germany - I didn't realize society required people to be "blond-haired and blue-eyed" in order to receive credit for something. And the gender card... I don't know. Maybe she really does deserve more credit, but her reasons sound a little paranoid. She could be right, who knows.


Awww.... I am so quickly disappointed by MIA's wildness.. I wanted to meet her but now I'm a little unsure.. She might have a temper? So, yeah.. Diplo didn't *make* it, but he sure made it *pop* with his mastering skills! MIA, let's make PEACE not WAVES! I have the same problem she has, I think. I'm so angry about all the injustice, greed and bigotry that it's hard to appropriately express myself sometimes.


She's totally right to be upset. She shouldn't be put down for making her point, it's totally valid, and needed to be made. STILL, people, like whoever posted that longer comment, dont' believe it. That IS sexist. Bjork has to deal with this too, all the time. It should be ok for the women to make their statements about it, with or without attitude, without being called "paranoid", or "bitchy".


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