M.I.A.: Obama Should Reject Nobel Peace Prize

    M.I.A. has been a rising star ever since “Paper Planes” became a sleeper hit two summers ago (and is currently ubiquitous in ads for Michael Moore’s new movie), and her steadfast expression of her political beliefs hasn’t waned since then. The Tamil refugee was as shocked as everyone else was by Obama’s surprise win of the Nobel Peace Prize, but took a more militant stance than most on her twitter account:

    Obama winning the nobel peace PRIZE? he should give it back like john Lennon sent back his MBE

    M.I.A. is referring to John Lennon’s 1969 refusal of Knighthood due to the U.K.’s support for the Vietnam War and the Nigerian Civil War.


    Of course, Obama is a politician, not a rock star, no matter what the McCain campaign circa July 2008 would have you believe. It’s still a bold statement for a musician who is reaching the height of her fame but clearly does not want to lose her speak freely, controversy be damned.


    [h/t: Huffington Post]