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M.I.A. nominated for Oscar, Bruce Springsteen gets robbed

Oscar nominations were announced this morning and it seems like it's setting up to be Slumdog Millionaire's night--especially in the categories for original score (where A.R. Rahman is nominated for his score) and original song, where Slumdog holds a 2/3 advantage, as "Jai Ho" by Rahman and Gulzar and "O Saya" by Rahman and M.I.A.(!) are up against Peter Gabriel's song for Wall-E.


But that might not be the biggest news as far as original song goes, since Bruce Springsteen's song for The Wrestler, which won the Golden Globe for best original song, wasn't even nominated for an Oscar. The Boss got totally robbed. At least Rourke got a nod for best actor, but again, they're really setting up Slumdog for a heck of a night--the Best Picture award is definitely going to that film, especially after two bonafied duds got a nomination (The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button and The Reader). 


The Oscars are live on February 22 at 8 p.m. EST.

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A.R. Rahman
Bruce Springsteen

The Dark Knight REALLY got snubbed if you asked me. They will make it up to Heath by giving him the Best Supporting Actor Oscar but the movie got blackballed from every other category. Once again we learn the hard way that the Academy hates blockbusters that people actually like.

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I'd be happy if anything other than Slumdog wins best picture. That movie is good at best, in no way excellent.

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I really like the Bruce Springsteen song. Wonder what happened there?

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The american film industry is hoping for mega deals with their Indian counterparts. This is a good opportunity for them. To hell with Bruce or anybody else. Oscars is all about money and politics! Talent comes in later.


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