M.I.A.: “I don’t give a shit about the charts”

    M.I.A.This is why she’s hot. M.I.A. sounded off in her usual unrestrained manner on a number of issues to Canadian-based music rag Chartattack.com. She says that her tiff with Oscar-winners Three 6 Mafia was due to the group (for shame!) asking her to sing about sex: “I was like, ‘Listen, I have some time to sing with you and I’m not going to sing about sex right now. You’re going to have to get Paris Hilton for this one.'” Go cry about that to Larry King, Paris!
    [more:]M.I.A. also says she’s been urged by people like Timbaland to trade in her righteously weird musical approach for something that would chart: “They say, ‘Why don’t you want this? You’ll be huge’ … But I don’t give a shit. I will not be an artist dictated by the charts.” You go girl! She’s got the right thinking; with her potential appeal, in time it’s not too out there to say she could attain mainstream popularity on her own terms. In other news, the more “ethical” of you who haven’t heard M.I.A.’s new album Kala yet because “illegally downloading” albums only “takes away from the artist’s well-deserved profits” and “discourages musicians from persevering in an increasingly unforgiving economic climate,” well, you only have one more day to lord your saintliness over the rest of us: Kala drops tomorrow.