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M.I.A. ends premature retirement based on movie success

First music fans didn’t have time to get to know M.I.A., and now we never really had time to miss her. The Sri Lankan hip hopper said in an interview that she is no longer fully retired from the music business. Though she is sticking by her statement that her Bonnaroo performance was her last live show, the recent success of “Paper Planes” in ads for the movie Pineapple Express leads her to believe that she has at least one more album in her. More importantly, M.I.A. added that her mother is more hip to her groove.While she didn’t say when she would be able to hit the studio, M.I.A. finished by saying that her second career as “a washer woman in Cambodia” has been put on indefinite hold. [Perez Hilton]
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Gee, she's opportunistic? No way! I thought she was some super-cool, anti-establishment radical. Chalk another one up for the Almighty Dollar.

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I don't think anyone thought that she was really retired.

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i know i'm probably alone on this boat, but i miss the days when she was lesser-known and her beginning singles like "sunshowers" and "fire, fire" were getting lots of happy underground buzz


She should quit vocalizing and just focus on making tracks for people who can sing and/or rap. She has great beats, but her voice... no.

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