M.I.A. Documentary Clip Pulled, Director Quits

    2013 is slowly becoming M.I.A.’s “annus horribilis”. The rapper’s year of woe continued yesterday as label Roc Nation quickly pulled a teaser video for an accompanying documentary to her already delayed fourth album Matangi. The documentary’s director, Steve Loveridge, has also jumped ship, stating he’d “rather die” than work on it.

    The fall out follows Loveridge’s leaking of the teaser trailer on his own Tumblr account, telling fans to “reblog the shit out of [it]”.The clip featured archival footage of M.I.A. and interviews with Diplo, Kanye West, Switch amongst others. Roc Nation weren’t so happy with the director’s actions, stating “the timing of this leak … screws with everything we’ve been working on.” Speculators suggest that the label were alluding to the delicate market strategy they have in place for the ever elusive new M.I.A. album.

    Whether copping flack for flipping the bird at the Super Bowl, chomping on truffle fries while espousing the plight of Tamil Tigers, or problems with the new album, these haven’t been an easy couple of years for the rapper, whose off stage controversies have begun to overshadow her music. Then again, recent single “Bring The Noize”suggests sonically at least, that M.I.A. can still overcome side show controversies and political brain farts. Clearly bridges need to be built between star and label however, to get Matangi out to eager listeners, whose patience is growing ever so slightly thin.