M.I.A. covers Tom Waits, manages to become even cooler

    After sending me into a downward spiral of deep, dark depression by flirting with retirement this summer, M.I.A. recently changed her mind and is now recording material, possibly for her new album. In a sly nod to Baltimore—a city whose club scene greatly influenced Kala—she’s recorded a cover of Tom Waits’ “Way Down in the Hole,” the theme for The Wire, famously set in Baltimore. The song’s lyrics had a particular significance to her as well. "When I found out I was pregnant and ‘Paper Planes’ was in the iTunes Top 10 it seemed like the whole world was reshuffled in one week,” she tells Pitchfork. “That’s the lesson: you can’t make plans, and you can’t say shit.” There’s no word on when or where we’ll hear the song but it serves as an indication that she won’t take any maternity leave from recording and that the follow-up could be coming sooner than we know. [NME]