Missing no longer: M.I.A.’s new cover and tracklist

    Well, it’s just raining posts about M.I.A. around here today, isn’t it? Earlier we hooked you up to the video for “Boyz.” Now you’re feasting your eyes on the cover to Kala. And if you continue on after the jump, you can spy the album’s tracklist. Kala is out August 22 on Interscope.
    01 “Bamboo Banga”
    02 “Bird Flu”
    03 “Boyz”
    04 “Jimmy”
    05 “Hussel [ft. Afrikan Boy]”
    06 “Mango Pickle Down River [ft. the Wilcannia Mob]”
    07 “20 Dollar”
    08 “World Town”
    09 “The Turn”
    10 “XR2”
    11 “Paper Planes”
    12 “Come Around [ft. Timbaland]”