M.I.A. Claims The Sri Lankan Government Are Removing Her YouTube Videos


    It’s been a bad year for M.I.A., with canceled shows, poor reviews, and general ridicule heaped on her after that New York Times interview. Things aren’t getting any better, and her paranoia seems to be increasing, as she is now claiming that the Sri Lankan government is trying to get her YouTube videos removed.


    “They buried my Paper Planes, none of my fucking shit comes up,” she said in an interview with the Guardian. “All my videos have been constantly pulled, the latest thing that’s up there is from 11 months ago.” Despite these claims, a simple search for “M.I.A.” on YouTube instantly brings up the “Paper Planes” video (above) as the first result.


    The Guardian reporter asked M.I.A. if it was her record label pulling the clips. “No, the Sri Lankan government is writing to them and saying, ‘If you stick MIA videos up we’re gonna take you to jail for supporting terrorism.,” she replied. This will raise an eyebrow or two at Vevo, who appear to have been hosting M.I.A. clips on YouTube for some time.


    [via Gigwise]