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Stream: M.I.A. "Bird Flu"

Via: Paper Thin Walls
If you head over to M.I.A.'s MySpace page, you can stream the first single off her forthcoming album, "Bird Flu." When it was first reported that Timbaland wouldn't be working on the album after all and that M.I.A. would be producing it herself, I was a little dissapointed. Not anymore. Click on the link above and see why.
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Almost sound like MU. Thats a compliment.

Jason the Former

[...] As a follow-up to this morning’s post, the video for M.IA.’s “Bird Flu” just made it onto YouTube. According to reports, M.I.A. funded the video entirely herself. Check the little guy in the red. Kid’s got some moves. [...]

» Video: M.I.A. “Bird Flu” &raqu

whoa. i like it. her myspace page almost gave me a seizure, though...

Mike Krolak

grandmaster omnis would marry m.i.a

Adrian Covert

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