M.I.A. And Anderson Cooper Start/End Twitter Beef

    If you follow the news surrounding M.I.A. like we all do, then you know full that she’s not one to keep her mouth shut about issues close to her. And that’s even easier for her to do these days thanks to her Twitter account, which was especially active last night. She was moved by a new documentary on Sri Lanka called Killing Fields, which she said “makes the points she couldn’t make.”

    Maya, who is of Sri Lankan Tamil descent, went on to say that:

    “i got accused of “supporting terrorism” , “mis representing tamils ” , glamorising a war , using it for my own gain , having bad grammar .”

    She also called out CNN’s Anderson Cooper for calling her a terrorist, which prompted him to fire back with the following tweet: 

    “You are mistaken. I never called you a terrorist. I don’t even know who you are other than the lady who sang at the Superbowl.”

    Their beef was short-lived, however, as Maya cooled off and urged Cooper to watch Killing Fields. If you would like to watch the documentary, you can do so here. [NME]