M.I.A. Looks to Fans for Album Title

    M.I.A. is anything but this week, having (wo)manned the Twitter account on Monday for those slackers at Pitchfork while earning a YouTube ban for her searing 9-minute “Born Free” clip. During her P4K Twitter takeover, Ms. Arulpragasam posted this little nugget: “MIA TRACKLIST FOR LP COMING JUNE “YET UNTITLED” OPEN TO SUGGESTION AT @_M_I_A_ #miap4k” alongside the tracklisting.


    Speaking to BBC6 backstage at Coachella, where M.I.A. proudly announced a June 29 release date for Kala‘s follow-up on a blimp during Jay-Z’s set, album producer/dubsteb maestro Rusko said, “It sounds like a rock band trying to play dubstep songs…It’s like mad distorted and hectic.” After listening to “Born Free,” who are we to doubt him? Rusko added that him and M.I.A. considered the title Complications due to the convoluted record process before giving titling duties to fans. [via Spinner