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M.I.A. 2011 Tour Rider Revealed By The Smoking Gun

Expect M.I.A. to stay in the spotlight a little longer following her controversial Super Bowl performance on Sunday. The singer has just had her 2011 tour rider published by the Smoking Gun, which includes the usual array of crackers and cheese, as well as rum, tequila, vodka, white wine, red wine and a six-pack of Heineken.

Nothing unusual about that of course, although anyone unfamiliar with M.I.A.’s work may raise an eyebrow on seeing that she required three women in every town, who had to be 20-25 years old, and would be on stage in  “full covered burkas” at the shows.

This is nothing new of course—pictures of M.I.A. wearing a burka at Spike TV’s Scream Awards emerged in 2010, and it didn’t exactly go down well then either. But with people fired up about her activities at the Super Bowl, it’s unlikely that folks in the M.I.A. camp will be happy that the Smoking Gun chose to pull the trigger on her rider at this particular moment in time.

Check out the full M.I.A. tour rider via this link


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