MGMT ‘Congratulations’ Debuts at No. 2, Can’t Beat Bieber

    All the stories about MGMT taking a direction that was too uncommercial, not playing “Kids” at Coachella, and generally apologizing to everyone under the sun for Congratulations doesn’t appear to have affected them that much—the album has entered the Billboard Top 200 at No. 2.


    Naturally, this comes at a time when just about anyone can have a record in the top 10, so it’s not exactly an indication that the guys from MGMT are going to become stadium-straddling superstars. In fact, the sales only amounted to 66,000 copies, which is one of those periodic reminders that music rarely sells in huge quantities these days.


    Who beat our plucky Brooklyn heroes to the No. 1 slot? It was that perennial Twitter meme Justin Bieber of course, whose My World 2.0 is proving to be incredibly alluring to record buyers. Bieber is actually edging toward the 1 million sales mark—MTV estimates 760,000 copies of My World 2.0 have been sold, which puts MGMT’s achievement into a rather harsh light.