MGMT Staging Scavenger Hunt to Promote New Album

    MGMT are going full tilt to promote the forthcoming Congratulations album, as this scavenger hunt website demonstrates. “You have won a chance to be part of an extraordinary MGMT event,” it says. “The MGMTmobile will be visiting 6 cities, and we are challenging YOU to come find it.”


    “We will reveal clues to the location 1 hour prior to arrival,” it continues. “The first 6 people to this location will be part of a very special MGMT experience. Be sure to stay tuned as we reveal each city below.” The first city on the list is New York, and the location will be revealed tomorrow (March 10) at 4pm.


    Anyone who shows up at the destination will find an over-eager intern with a major obsession with MGMT, who will be waving a flag with the band’s name emblazoned on it. You tell them the password, and then something magical and incredibly life changing will happen…we just don’t know what it is yet.