MF DOOM Reissuing ‘Operation: Doomsday’ (Again)

    MF DOOM, he of many aliases and albums, has decided to look back to his 1999 debut as the masked villain, Operation: Doomsday, for a second time. You might recall that Stones Throw reissued the album last year as a double-CD in a lunchbox; yeah, it was pretty rad.

    But now, DOOM is putting the album out for a third time, though now it’s through his own Metal Face imprint. It’s set to drop April 9 and will arrive as a remastered double-vinyl, which will be Gun Metal colored. Whatever that means. You can view the track listing and watch the “?” video below. [FACT]

    1. The Time We Faced Doom (Skit)
    2. Doomsday
    3. Rhymes Like Dimes (ft DJ Cucumber Slice)
    4. The Finest (ft Tommy Gunn)
    5. Back In The Days (Skit)
    6. Go With The Flow
    7. Tick, Tick… (ft MF Grimm)
    8. Red & Gold (ft King Geedorah)
    9. The Hands Of Doom
    10. Who You Think I Am? (ft M.I.C.)
    11. Doom, Are You Awake? (Skit)
    12. Hey!
    13. Greenbacks (ft Megalon & King Geedorah)
    14. The M.I.C.
    15. The Mystery Of Doom (Skit)
    16. Dead Bent
    17. Gas Drawls
    18. ? (ft Kurious Jorge)
    19. Hero Vs. Villain (Epilogue)