Mew Releasing Compilation, ‘Eggs Are Funny,’ Jan. 11

    Mew’s latest effort, a career retrospective called Eggs Are Funny, has actually been “out” since Oct. 25 of last year. The thing is you probably only knew that if you’re a super-fan or if you live in Scandinavia, the only place it’s been released thus far. That is, of course, until next Tuesday, Jan. 11, when the Danish trio’s compilation will be released digitally in the United States. Fourteen of the 15 tracks on here are from the band’s five albums while the band has also included a previously unreleased tune, “Do You Love It,” which you can hear below. Under the Soundcloud stream is the track list for Eggs Are Funny.



    Track listing:

    01 Am I Wry? No
    02 Snow Brigade
    03 Beach
    04 Introducing Palace Players
    05 Silas The Magic Car
    06 Wheels Over Me
    07 Saliva
    08 She Came Home For Christmas
    09 Sometimes Life Isn’t Easy
    10 Do You Love It
    11 Eight Flew Over, One Was Destroyed
    12 156
    13 Special
    14 The Zookeepers Boy
    15 Comforting Sounds