‘Frengers’ to receive U.S. release

    Via: The Tripwire
    Whoever coined the phrase “better late than never” probably didn’t have this scenario in mind. With the U.S. release of Mew’s And the Glass Handed Kites faring so well, Columbia has decided to release the band’s previous album, Frengers, in the U.S. as well. The problem? Frengers was originally released back in April 2003, almost four years ago. If it’s new to you though, I guess that’s what ultimately counts. The album comes out next week, January 23. Here’s the track list:
    01. “Am I Wry? No”
    02. “156”
    03. “Snow Brigade”
    04. “Symmetry”
    05. “Behind The Drapes”
    06. “Her Voice Is Beyond Her Years”
    07. “Eight Flew Over, One Was Destroyed”
    08. “She Came Home For Christmas”
    09. “SheSpider”
    10. “Comforting Sounds”