Metta World Peace Appears On ‘Yo Gabba Gabba,’ Looks In Mid-Season Form

    Anyone’s who has seen Yo Gabba Gabba has probably gone through a serious of thoughts and emotions similar to the following:

    “Man, I kind of want kids.”

    “Man, I wish I had this show when I was a kid.”

    “Man, this show is going to make a generation of really awesome kids.”

    So it’s not with much surprise that the kid’s show which has a “beat of the day” with Biz Markie was able to land Lakers small forward Metta World Peace ( Ron Artest) for a segment on one of their programs.

    On it Mr. World Peace runs against Toodee and Mrs. Fox in the 5 meter T-Rex race. We don’t want to be spoilers so we will let you watch it to see the outcome below.

    Also, when thinking of NBA players you would let your kids around, wouldn’t Metta World Peace be on the lower end of that list? Just saying.

    Go Toodee!