Method Man Strikes Back At Critics Of New Show “Chozen”

    Method Man, who appears in the new FX cartoon Chozen, a show about a gay white rapper, has blasted critics of the show, which premieres on FX January 13. Critics have said that he is participating in a show that hurts hip-hop.

    Method Man took to Twitter this week to strike back and defend the show, which was created by the producers of HBO’s Eastbound and Down. The nature of the criticisms appears to have something to do with Chozen being a gay rapper, as Method Man points out that the critics also cheered for “Omar from the wire.” (Omar Little was a character on The Wire who was gay. He was also probably one of the greatest television characters ever written.)

    Take a look at his tweets below:

    The show stars SNL’s Bobby Moynihan as Chozen, along with Hannibal Burress, Michael Pena, Nick Swardson, Danny McBride, and others. Watch the red band trailer below.