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Method Man Narrates 'Def Jam Rapstar' Tutorial, Elaborates On Stabbing Tongues With Rusty Screwdrivers


If you've ever wanted to hear what it's like to hear Method Man teach you how to play a videogame, then here is your chance: Meth narrates the video for Def Jam's Rapstar, a videogame that you can use as sorta rap karaoke. But apparently the games biggest mode is that it comes with a hot chick for you to hook up with. Not really, but apparently this game will get you laid. It's out later this year. Watch to the end to see some hangers being heated up on a stove for about two fifteen minute blocks. 


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Method Man

Are these dudes even 'rapstars' anymore? I feel like they just do promos like this and perform Da Rockwilder at sweet 16 parties these days...


bahahaha... that commercial was so WACK!

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Al/batmulletjpg.jpg Al

did he say me and my dogs eat frogs without caviar?

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Dipseth/sparkle.jpg Dipseth

NO! they are not rapstars anymore, their 40yr olds who need so sit their a**es down and stop rapping them old songs everywhere they go.


Meth is not only a rap star - hes a rap legend. F**k your fast food rappers like Soulja Boy, nobody can beat Meth's flow.

One of the greatest. Up there with Biggie.

Go see him live and you can talk, otherwise shut the f**k up you don't know sh*t :-)

Tiny Tim

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