Method Man Got So High He Missed Out On Working With Dre

    When Method Man isn’t writing raps about Sour Patch Kids, he’s smoking weed. A lot of weed. Like, so much weed that he pretty much missed out on collaborating with Dr. Dre. According to a recent interview with MTV RapFix Live — you can watch it below — Meth “got a little bit too blowed” while he was in the studio with Dre.

    And even though he was high as fuck, the Wu member still wanted to lay down the intended vocal tracks. So he did just that with the mindset of “if he like it, he like it.” Apparently, Dre wasn’t feeling it, because Meth said he “ain’t never heard the song” while adding that he “ain’t heard from Dre since.” Meth still wants to work with the legendary producer, though, so if you’re reading this Dre, hit him up! [HipHopDX/The Daily Swarm]