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Metallica's <i>Death Magnetic</i> tracklist confirmed

Following an above stellar Bonnaroo performance, the following news I can announce with much excitement. After a five year absence – Metallica has announced the tracklist for their September Warner Bros. release Death Magnetic.


Included on the list is “Unforgiven III” – with the original released on 1991’s Black Album and “Unforgiven II” on 1997’s Reload. Lets just hope the 3rd stays in line with the first and not its sequel.


One can only hope for a full on trash epic after a largely disappointing showing on 2003’s St. Anger. If their recent string of live shows are any indication (which feature little to nothing off of St. Anger) – the legendary metal outfit will bring the pain.


The track list is as follows:

"That Was Just Your Life"

"The End of the Line"

"Broken, Beat & Scarred"

"The Day That Never Comes"

"All Nightmare Long"


"The Unforgiven III"

"The Judas Kiss"

"Suicide & Redemption"

"My Apocalypse"

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Track list

Wow, "The Unforgiven III" sounds amazing. I can't wait for "Battery VII" and "One II". Gosh, they're so creative. Lars is a wellspring.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/FMH/5241619.gif FMH

Its obviously a bs track listing.


Haha..."One II." Did Mr. Bohannon intentionally call for a "full on trash epic" instead of a "full on thrash epic?" I didn't know that you could make Freudian slips online.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/narfish/HeadbangSquare.jpg narfish

I found a tape of Ride the Lightning last time I was home. I forgot how awesome that album is. Master of Puppets too.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/matt/IMG_0695.jpg matt

haha. oh crap, didn't realize I put trash. Don't you have hope narfish? One can hope. I'm not saying its going to deliver, but I sure in the hell hope it does.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Jboh213/n38409054_33275787_4276.jpg jboh

Hey, what version of "Autumn Shade" are The Vines on now? IV? They're so hot right now...

/site_media/uploads/images/users/FMH/5241619.gif FMH

I hope the riffs are memorable rather than just fast! too much drop D on a Metallica record will kill the album... Standard E tunning is a Giant step in the right direction though, but I believe that there's at least 2 Drop D songs... we'll see in Sept!

Jillian Fan

Originally, they were going to call it "Look Who's Unforgiven, Too." Cooler heads prevailed.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/thehipp/1101786938_l.jpg Pat Hipp

I stopped caring about Metallica long ago, so I don't think I'd call what I have for Death Magnetic "hope." Maybe "full expectance of failure" with a little bit of room left over for a left field surprise (i.e. quality).

/site_media/uploads/images/users/narfish/HeadbangSquare.jpg narfish

i hope unforgiven 3 is like one in the sense that it starts off soft and ends heavy or is just heavy all the way. we should all hope the album sounds nothing like st anger


i personally think whoever says they think the new album will be crap and/or expect them to lay an egg will most likely hate it no matter if it's good or just seems as though they've made up their mind already..granted st. anger wasn't a great effort, it really brought out the genuine metallica fans. metallica doesn't try to write for the fans, they write from their heart and you can't go wrong with that!


It was pointed out the


I hope the new record sonds like it did at the old time. you know, like Kill ém all ride the lightning. and i also hope that lars drums not sonds like empty metalboxes.

Keep the Masters On Top!


wow who ever thinks this is not the real listing go to there website alright so dont be an idiot ok and the unforgivin one and two were amazing so i highly doubt this one will disapoint us


THIS ALBUM IS BORING!!!! Better than the St. Anger sh*t, but I think James need to take drugs and drink alcohol again to sing better. They are trying to get back to the old school as they used to be, but not there yet.

Fat Bastard

st anger sucked, we all know it...but seriously, from what i've heard so far (only a couple of songs), it's great! i don't judge it based on their "old" music...all i want is good metal, and i think this album is going to deliver.

Very Surprised

the album has been leaked, i got a copy its wicked. old thrash fast beats and no hollow sounding snare drum its a good album. the music sounds like the "old" style but james is still singing like the newer stuff. i'm a long time metallica fan and this is thier best since the black album. let us forget the dark shameful era that was load, reload, and st anger. although there were a couple good tunes on st anger......


ok i dont know what to think i've been waiting for metallica to go back to their roots for a long time now...since justice allthough the black album was good thats when they sold out changed their sound and was at a steady decline point now is that after waiting 20 years for metallica to find their true sound again i too cut my hair,hung up my leather jacket, and i dont cut my jeans i think their new album is ok its good metal...but they already let me down...what i want is not the old metallica anymore...i want 20 years of my life listening to crappy music back


awesome! enter sandman wuz the first song i heard ;-) then death magnetic came out. i almost killed for it. luckily i didnt though! :-)


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