Metallica’s Death Magnetic tracklist confirmed

    Following an above stellar Bonnaroo performance, the following news I can announce with much excitement. After a five year absence – Metallica has announced the tracklist for their September Warner Bros. release Death Magnetic.


    Included on the list is “Unforgiven III” – with the original released on 1991’s Black Album and “Unforgiven II” on 1997’s Reload. Lets just hope the 3rd stays in line with the first and not its sequel.


    One can only hope for a full on trash epic after a largely disappointing showing on 2003’s St. Anger. If their recent string of live shows are any indication (which feature little to nothing off of St. Anger) – the legendary metal outfit will bring the pain.


    The track list is as follows:

    "That Was Just Your Life"

    "The End of the Line"

    "Broken, Beat & Scarred"

    "The Day That Never Comes"

    "All Nightmare Long"


    "The Unforgiven III"

    "The Judas Kiss"

    "Suicide & Redemption"

    "My Apocalypse"