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Metallica’s <i>Death Magnetic</i> leaks

Metallica’s long-awaited return to form, Death Magnetic, is all over torrent sites after a store in France sold a few copies of the album yesterday. It’s possible that the leak was on purpose, in concert with Metallica’s newfound love of previewing songs on the Internet, or it really leaked they way they say. Either way, Death Magnetic has leaked, and our intrepid readers will know what to do (wait till the release date and buy a copy of course).
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I listened to the whole album and :
It doesn’t really sound as a copy of KEA, RTL, MOP, AJFA. None of these. Instead, it sounds as a sum of all the styles they adopted in their life as a band; so you’re gonna get James singing sometimes “St.Anger style”, sometimes “Load/Re-Load” style, sometimes just screaming. You’re gonna get old style instrumental parts but mashed with other influences taken through their whole career and only in a few parts you’ll hear the deja-vu. It’s definitely not a masterpiece, but it’s not crap either, and for the moment i prefer the second part of the album, taking “The Judas Kiss” as the highlight (”bow down, sell your soul..” etc). Some songs sound as they were a cut ‘n’ paste jam thing (something that killed St.Anger), but there’s more variety so you’re never gonna get bored. If i had to make a best/worst poll, i’d say
-best: That Was Just Your Life, All Nightmare Long, The Judas Kiss, My Apocalypse
-worst: The End Of The Line (maybe it’s me, but in certain parts it sounded to me as a bad copy of Creeping Death and in others a bad copy of something else.. and i never liked “Death Is Not The End” which this song has some parts), Cyanide.
Then, side note: The Unforgiven III, beside the title, has nothing to do musically with the previous ones.. why not change some lyrics and the title?

In the end, i’d say it’s a very good effort from Metallica even with some weak moments, i really think this is the best they can give right now. an 8 out of 10.


"It's the way business is done these days," Mr Ulrich said. "And there's the novelty of anyone wanting to listen to a new Metallica album."

David Gerard

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