Metallica’s Death Magnetic could reach 500,000 in first week sales

    Metallica’s return-to-form, Death Magnetic, is a sure thing to top the Billboard charts this week, as retail sales for the album are projected to hit around 500,000 copies sold.


    The album was available last Friday (September 12) so the numbers for this week’s chart will be abbreviated, but the album’s aggressive release through various outlets (Guitar Hero and ticket bundles through Ticketmaster), and generally positive reviews, have made the album a hot commodity.


    Metallica’s last album, St. Anger, also had a short week for it’s first Billboard numbers, and moved 419,000 in its first three days, and 780,000 copies in its first full week. If Death Magnetic does hit number one, it will be Metallica’s fifth album to debut at number one on Billboard. [Billboard]