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Metallica to premiere “The Day that Never Comes” today

Perhaps as an act of contrition (put probably not) for those dumb 10 second clips, Metallica have announced that they will be premiering Death Magnetic’s new single, “The Day that Never Comes” today at 2 p.m. EST at their website. As long as its load time is less than the time it takes to listen to it, it could be good.
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i thought metallica broke up in the '90s. or did people just stop caring then.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/RWeibush/images.jpeg Jed

I hate this album cover.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/brandon/216_browser_clut.gif brandon

Just heard it!!! holy sh1t the boys have done good. time to take the throne back guys !! well done!!!!


what throne?

/site_media/uploads/images/users/RWeibush/images.jpeg Jed

I'll give it a chance despite the 10 sec clip gimmick and awful album cover. I mean 1/2 of the first songs I learned on guitar were Metallica songs.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/pill/mm_broccolijpg.JPG pill

Jed, nice atteamt @ humor...
This album is going to be their best work in the past 15 years. Screw all you 1/2 assed metallica fans that are mad about all the napster bs. They are the best metal band in history...

the new single is great, speed metal @ the


Thanks doc, couldn't have said it any better! Don't mess with the Gods!!!


Just heard the new song. I was reeeeally worried about the first couple minutes, which just seemed like a re-tread of their hard rock stuff from the 90s. The second half is badass though, very much in the ...And Justice For All vein. In fact the half acoustic/half metal feel of the song makes it sound like "One" redux. But whateva, this is the first bit of excitement I've heard from Metallica in a decade...

/site_media/uploads/images/users/narfish/HeadbangSquare.jpg narfish

It kicked ass and anyone that doesnt like it just don't like Metallica....Go listen to 311 you idiots!


Jed - your choice of an ancient computer as an icon leads me to believe you're the cynical slacker type. To answer your rhetorical question - about 3-4 million people will care about buying the album, and the people at Pollstar will care that their 2009 tour will be [again] the highest grossing that year. Besides, no one cares about the hippie crapfest bands that you like and their 3 dozen "indie" fans. Why did you even click on this story?


the fact that everywhere you look you see the song likened to one, fade to black and the unforgiven, classics in their own right, cant be a bad thing. this song is definitely better than anything they've done since black album..
Metallica have always been reinventing themselves, and this time i think they might have hit the money.. we'll wait n see when Death Magnetic comes out


Man I loved the new song!!!!! Now I'm not sure if it was a bad download or somethin when they put the song on the computer but some parts on the heavy half of the song (especially Lars drum rolls) seemed to make that


Anyways... The heavy parts seemed to have that "too much bass buzz" on either the snare or the distortion, kinda like the equalizer was a little off when they recorded it. did anyone else hear that (especially those who have done recordings before and know what im talking about) or is it just me?


I think its a pretty good song, but I'd prefer they went back to their hard rock/metal days where their music had great rythum with cool riffs etc. Anyone can play loud fast music - its a clean, but heavy rythum that makes a metal song great. The black album and ride the lightening were their best stuff.


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