Metallica: The World Isn’t Their Oyster

    Since This is Spinal Tap debuted in 1984 it’s become increasingly difficult not to describe real-life mishaps that beset rock bands as “Spinal Tap-esque.” But there’s no getting away from it here, the reason given for Metallica’s cancellation of a recent concert in Sweden would make classic Tap material if Messrs Tufnel, Smalls, and St. Hubbins are looking for new material (and they might be).

    Hetfield was hospitalized with a stomach bug on Sunday (March 8), causing 16,000 fans at Stockholm’s Globe Arena to go home disappointed. Hetfield has left a statement on the Metallica website, saying that he had eaten “a bad oyster” and “was at the point of falling if I stood up.”

    Yes, a lowly oyster has felled this titan of heavy metal, no doubt sparking hoots of derision among his peers. Hetfield used to be so rock n’ roll that he missed his son’s birthday so he could go on a hunting trip with his buddies (as documented in Metallica: Some Kind of Monster), but clearly those days are behind him. [Gigwise]