Metallica Robbed Over Steaks and Salads in Moscow

    According to Google’s currency converter, 19,000 Russian roubles are currently worth around 653.58 of our American dollars. Metallica frontman James Hetfield found that out the hard way this weekend, when he dined out at a restaurant in Moscow and ended up paying a sizable bill.


    Hetfield and his bandmates apparently bought steaks and salads while they were in the Russian city, and were presented with a check for around 8,000 roubles ($270). Sadly, Hetfield’s credit card was charged for 19,000 roubles—a tough bill to stomach considering the band had come to Moscow by train after the Icelandic volcano had disrupted their travel plans.


    But Hetfield isn’t a man to take such an event lying down, and he returned to the restaurant to challenge the charge. Once there, he was presented with a receipt for the disputed amount with his signature next to it—he now claims his signature was forged. So whether this was a mistake on Hetfield’s part or genuine theft remains to be seen, although considering what an asshat the Metallica singer can be (see video below), any of the above is possible.



    [via Blabbermouth]