Metallica Reunites Original Lineup At 30th Anniversary Show

    It’s difficult to keep Metallica out of the news at present, especially as the band’s collaboration with Lou Reed is still managing to produce a mix of hilarity and anguish across the globe. But this past weekend generated some better times for the metal titans, as Metallica celebrated its 30th year in the biz in style. 

    The group was playing four nights at the Fillmore in San Francisco to mark the occasion, which sparked on-stage collaborations with Reed, Glenn Danzig, and members of Alice in Chains, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath and Lynyrd Skynyrd. U2 even send a video tribute to the band.

    But the biggest draw for hardcore Metallica fans were the reunions with former members of the group. Bassist Jason Newsted returned on Wednesday to play a few songs, as did guitarist Dave Mustaine. The return of both those members may be something of a surprise to anyone who saw Metallica: Some Kind of Monster and witnessed the hostilities and jealousy that sprung up. But with bassist Ron McGovney joining Mustaine at the Saturday show, it marked the first time all four original members had taken the stage since 1982–a remarkable achievement for a group that hasn’t always had the easiest relationship with its past members. [via The Guardian]

    You can watch them perform “Rebel of Babylon,” a track from the Death Magnetic sessions, below. The clip stems from their Dec. 10 gig at the Fillmore.