Metallica Planning Tour to Rival Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’


    Metallica’s rock god status is already assured, and the band’s shows are still riotous affairs judging by reports of recent concerts in Chile and Colombia. Now, Lars Ulrich and the boys are planning on taking the stage show to the proverbial next level by planning events they have compared to Pink Floyd’s The Wall.


    “They will only play in 10 cities but it will be a huge undertaking,” said the band’s manager, Peter Mensch, who also claimed it will “blow your mind.” Some fans may have memories of Spinal Tap’s Stonehenge stage set (above) spinning around their minds when Mensch says: “It will be Metallica’s equivalent of The Wall.”


    The band’s manager claimed he was “just shooting off dumb ideas,” in the interview, and also added that “some of it is recycling stuff that people did 25 years ago but no one’s smart enough to know that we recycled it.” Unfortunately for Mensch, sales of The Wall tend to suggest otherwise. Still, the prospect of Metallica making asses of themselves on stage in such a grandiose manner is certainly something to look forward to.


    [via Gigwise]