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Metallica offer you 40 seconds of new material

Metallica are streaming four, 10 second clips of new material at their website, as part of what they’ve dubbed “A Little Taste of Death.” (The material I presumably from their upcoming album, Death Magnetic.) It’s quite a little taste, as you only get 40 seconds of low-quality streaming, which takes roughly 40 seconds to load. Metallica--if you want to make penance with all those fans you lost over the Napster kerfuffle, this is not the way to do it. [Idolator]
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40 seconds? Ugh.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/daba/me-bermudajpg.jpg Daba

Way more promising than that live clip of "Cyanide." What's goin' on with Lars though? Can he do anything other than a standard rock backbeat anymore? Are his ankles broken?

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Death would be preferable to trying to get a sense of a song based on 10 seconds.


You realise that they are in fact uploading a new 10-second clip from each track off their new album every day?! It's part of week-long teaser - i.e. a pretty standard marketing ploy.

Obviously you were so desperate to write some rubbish involving Napster that you forgot to use your brain. Idiot.

The voice of common sense

It's still only ten second clips. How the hell are you supposed to get excited over 10 seconds?

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The idea is to give you a taste (hence the name of the clips) of the album; to give you a feel of what it's going to sound like. Early previews of some songs have talked of a return to form, a return to riff-heavy thrash roots; so surely the clips in question (if you've listened to them) at least give the indication that those previews might, in fact, be correct.

It's about building anticipation (without giving everything away). Surely it isn't that difficult to grasp.

The voice of common sense

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