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Metallica discover irony, consider Radiohead release model

Not even a decade after Metallica was shocked--shocked, I say--to discover "I Disappear" appearing online before the song's release, the band has seemingly slipped deep into senility and started discussing possible plans for their tenth album: a Radiohead/Nine Inch Nails-style internet release. Faced with the end of their Warner Bros. relationship now that their ninth album--due in stores this autumn (and, therefore, for free on the internet this July)--fulfills their contractual oblications and apparently unimpressed by so-called 360 deals with companies like Live Nation, Lars Ulrich has expressed an interest in vetting the internet as a viable distribution alternative, Gisewise is reporting. Like Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails, Ulrich says that Metallica "want[s] to be as free a player as possible." No, not that kind of "free."
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i need to watch "some kind of monster" again. dave mustaine is my hero.

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