Metallica allows fans to read about new album

    The relationship between Metallica and the internet has always been an uneasy one. But just as the Napster fiasco was becoming a dim memory, Metallica’s management stirred up further online trouble by asking various websites to take down early reviews of the band’s new album. As this Wired article points out, these reviews were written by people who had actually been invited to listen to the album by the band’s management.

    Fortunately Lars and the boys are slowly learning that the internet is not their enemy, and have issued an apologetic statement on their website. “Our response was "WHY?!!! Why take down mostly positive reviews of the new material and prevent people from getting psyched about the next record. . . that makes no sense to us!”

    The most comprehensive coverage of the whole affair is provided by the good folks at the Quietus, who have reposted their preview, and given a highly entertaining account of what happened when Metallica’s people got in touch with them.