Metallica Fans Are Threatening To Shoot Lou Reed

    Lulu, the collaboration record between Metallica and Velvet Underground member Lou Reed, apparently has some angry metalheads stocking up bullets. Reed explained to USA Today (via Ultimate Guitar) that people “are threatening to shoot me” and “recommending various forms of torture and death.”

    The 69-year-old rocker understands, though. He recalled his 1975 noise album Metal Machine Music, and noted that he probably doesn’t have any fans left. “Who cares? I’m essentially in it for the fun of it.”

    Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich also tossed in his two cents, acknowledging that while Lulu, is “not for everyone,” he still thinks it’s a “fantastic record.” The album has performed underwhelmingly in critical and commercial circles, but Reed says he wants to record more with the band. [UG]