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Metallica album <i>Death Magnetic</i> to be playable on Guitar Hero III the day of release

The battle of the music sim videogames rages on, and there still isn’t a clear victor. Only a day after Rock Band 2 seemed to gain an upper hand by announcing a playlist that includes new Guns N’ Roses and vintage Bob Dylan, Guitar Hero III countered with exclusive rights to the entire new Metallica album, Death Magnetic, on the day of release. The band also said that the album will be compatible Guitar Hero: World Tour, so metal heads everywhere can form their own proto-Metallicas in additon to simply shredding some tasty Hetfield licks. Along with the exclusive rights to the new album, a Metallica themed version of Guitar Hero, similar to Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, will be released some time next year. [Rolling Stone]
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This means that someone at Activision knows whether the new Metallica album sucks or not. REVEAL YOUR SECRETS, CORPORATE DRONE!!!

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