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Metallica claim fans don’t care about Death Magnetic’s compressed sound

The Wall Street Journal contacted Metallica’s manager to comment on the stories bouncing around about how the Guitar Hero version of the band's new album, Death Magnetic, sounds better than the CD version, and he claims most fans don’t care:


Cliff Burnstein, Metallica’s co-manager, says the complainers are a tiny minority. He says 98% of listeners are “overwhelmingly positive,” adding: “There’s something exciting about the sound of this record that people are responding to.”


That sound Burnstein is referring to is the fact that Death Magnetic isn’t as horrible as St. Anger. Producer Rick Rubin declined comment, and Burnstein’s answer didn’t really reply to the concerns. It’s hard to argue with all of the sound engineers who’ve been explaining the problems all over the web, and instead of completely addressing the fact that the CD’s were mixed terribly, the band have chosen to remain mum. I guess as long as the album is still number one, all of this is just an annoyance. [Daily Swarm]

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Breaking: In response to legitimate claims of its lack of balls, Metallica's co-manager has announced the band will change the name of its physical release to 'Dearth Magnetic.'

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the compression is the first thing I hear people talk about...and not in a good way.

and not to be a rumor mill, but I heard some kid in Sweden remixed the album and it's been getting a better reaction than the real deal.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/gaelen/photo-43jpg.jpg gaelen

11,000 signatures of people saying the sound sucks collected in over a week isn't a "tiny minority".


Yeah, just feet us music fanatics with these crap answers. The problem is that most users will play it on there crappy MP3 players which produce boring flat sounds anyway. That is I think the only reason why they use compression anyway. Just to let it sound better in MP3. For people who like good dynamic sounding music should stay the hell away from these compressed releases. Producers which use these methods should be voided like a plague.


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