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Metallica to bring it back to the beginning on next album?

Metallica’s Lars Ulrich recently hinted that some of the songs on the band’s forthcoming studio album may be a return to “those couple of albums back there in the decade that begins with an '8,’” Gigwise reports.

"I hate to be that specific, because six months from now people are gonna go, 'What the fuck? Lars lied to us!' But it feels that way to me,” Ulrich told Revolver Magazine.

He added: “It's been no secret that Rick [Rubin, the record’s producer] suggested to us that we use a couple of those records as reference points — that we spend some time kind of accessing that headspace … So when we would come to forks in the road, sometimes the exercise became, 'What would we have done at this point in 1985?’”

So essentially he’s referencing the two albums made before 1985, Kill ‘Em All and Ride the Lightning, and the album that was made in 1985, Master of Puppets? Well, that’s promising. [Gigwise]
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IMO they haven't done anything good since And Justice For All...Bob Rock killed them


Definitely disagree. The Black Album, uneven as it is, had tons of great SONGS (as distinct from compositions) and was heavier than some of their earlier material. Bob Rock might've pushed them hard to streamline, but they nailed it on the songwriting front on the Black Album. They certainly ran in the wrong direction afterwards though, and they haven't recovered since. I'm curious about the new album but not really excited about it.

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