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Merger Talk Greeted With Silence By Live Nation 360 Artists

Bruce Springsteen, perhaps trying to get back a little cred after that regrettable Wal-Mart episode, has already come out against the proposed merger between Live Nation and Ticketmaster. There hasn't been a lot of protest from other artists, probably because talks are still preliminary and there is a very small likelihood that the deal will actually go through due to the possible creation of a monopoly. One group of artists that have been silent with good reason, though, are those signed to 360 deals by Live Nation. If the merger talk lingers and Live Nation stock continues to rise, acts like Madonna, the Eagles, U2, and Jay-Z stand to recoup money that might well have been lost otherwise. A large part of the 360 deal was tied up in stock, which the artists will soon be eligible to sell. The only problem is that with Live Nation stock in the tank, the company is left to make the discrepancy between the actual and promised selling price (in U2's case about nineteen million dollars). Though Live Nation says that all payments will be made, it would seem that a healthier stock price would make collecting much more likely. [Idolator]
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Bruce Springsteen

Anyone on this Earth who has ever bought [or, more accurately, attempted to buy] tickets from TicketMassa knows the score. I would think that by now this information has trickled back to the artists that use TM for their ticket distribution. It's sad that nobody has done anything about it up to this point. Pearl Jam took the lead in '94 and cancelled a tour because of TM and their practices and it has only gotten worse. The silence from the artists is deafening. Springsteen had to know, too. So nothing has been done to this point but now that BS and the ESB is involved it becomes a crusade for all the bandwagon jumping politicos. They nauseate me. Any artists that really CARE could with a concerted effort [are you listening Springsteen?] setup their own distribution system outside of TM. Let's see who takes the lead.


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