Merge Announces Record Store Day Exclusives

    Last week we posted a video of Josh Homme urging you to support Record Store Day, which happens to be one of my personal favorite days of the year. And if he didn’t exactly persuade you to do so, Merge is dishing out some exclusive 7-inch records to get you interested. Two of the never-before-heard records come from Superchunk, which is a signed picture disc and features a cover by Aqua Teen Hunger Force’s Meatwad, and Telekinesis, which offers three new songs. The third 7-inch is a split between Let’s Wrestle and the Love Language, both of which are newly signed Merge acts.


    And just to note, we (meaning Prefix) are working on a comprehensive write-up on Record Store Day, which takes place on April 17. Look for that in the coming weeks.