Menomena Announces “Dark Side Of The Moms” Laser Show

    If that title made you giggle a little, don’t worry, I did too when I first read it. Portland-based duo Menomena is gearing up to release its upcoming album, Moms, and fittingly, decided to give its fellow Portlanders a sneak peak of the new tunes with a special event entitled “Dark Side Of The Moms.”

    Even more fittingly, the event is set to take place at the Oregon Museum of Science & Industry (OMSI for any Portlanders out there) on August 24 and will feature the new record played alongside a Pink Floyd laser show. 

    When asked about the idea, Menomena’s Danny Seim said, “Laser technicians were too expensive so instead we’re just crossing our fingers and setting these lasers to ‘Floyd’. Maybe it’ll line up like The Wizard of Oz!” God damn, I hope so.

    Moms is set for a September 18 release via Barsuk Records. You can purchase tickets to the spectacular here.