Melvins Crack Top 200 for First Time in 26 Years

    You know how music sales have been in the shitter over the past decade and especially over the past few months? Well, some acts are seeing a small benefit from this decline. In particular, Melvins hit the Billboard Top 200 this past week, which is a first for the sludge rock pioneers. It was their 19th album, The Bride Screamed Murder, that made its way onto the charts by selling just 2,809 units. If that’s not revealing enough, the record could have cracked the top 100 had the band pushed just 2,000 more copies.


    The best part of this news, though? Frontman Buzz Osborne’s response via e-mail to Reuters regarding his band’s Billboard debut:

    “Top 200 what?”

    Melvins are currently touring with Big Business and Isis, the latter of which is playing its last shows ever.