MellowHype’s ‘Numbers’ Release Pushed Back, Tracklist Revealed

    It was announced recently that Odd Future’s MellowHype–the duo made up of members Hodgy Beats and Left Brain–would release its forthcoming album Numbers on Oct. 2. Now, apparently due to “getting the masters right,” the album is now set to drop a week later on Oct. 9 via Odd Future Records.

    The Numbers tracklist has also been made public. The 16-track effort, which features the lead single “La Bonita,” isn’t tagged with guest appearances or production credits, though Left is likely handling the majority of the beats. See the track listing below, and the album artwork up top. [FACT]

    MellowHype – Numbers tracklist:

    1. Grill
    2. 65/Breakfast
    3. Astro
    5. La Bonita
    6. Beat
    7. Snare
    8. Untitled L
    9. LeFlair
    10. Monster
    11. 666
    12. P2
    13. GNC
    14. Brain
    15. Under 2
    16. Break