MellowHype Reveals Updated ‘Numbers’ Tracklist

    Instead of going down the conventional route of a mixtape, Hodgy Beats and Left Brain went on a tear earlier this month, releasing seven tracks in as many days as part of their “MellowHype Week.” With the freebies out of the way, the Odd Future duo avert their attention to their upcoming sophomore LP, Numbers, by revealing an updated tracklist. The only difference to the previous list is that the guest features are included. To probable approval, fellow Wolf Gang goons Frank Ocean, Earl Sweatshirt and Mike G will all appear. The album hits stores Oct. 9.

    MellowHype – Numbers tracklist:

    1. Grill

    2. 65/Breakfast

    3. Astro (Feat. Frank Ocean)

    4. Nfwgjdsh

    5. La Bonita

    6. Beat

    7. Snare

    8. Untitled L

    9. Leflair

    10. Monster

    11. 666 (Feat. Mike G)

    12. p2 (feat. Earl Sweatshirt)

    13. Gnc

    14. Brain

    15. Under 2

    16. Break