MegaUpload Founder Kim Dotcom Captured By Police In New Zealand Mansion

    Is the story surrounding the shutting down of file-sharing giant MegaUpload ever not going to be crazy? Apparently not, because the latest news about the website and its founder, Kim Dotcom, is pretty damn wild. As Pitchfork points out, details surrounding the arrest of the German programmer/eccentric have hit the web and they are, well, nutty. Note: he was indicted by federal prosecutors for violating piracy laws.

    Dude was holed up in a safe room in his New Zealand mansion, where he was eventually captured after police made their way through the house and its elaborate electronic-locking system. Oh, and he had a loaded shotgun on him at the time. Officers also seized more than 20 automobiles, some of which had vanity plates like “MAFIA” and “HACKER.” Yeesh, this all sounds more like an episode of 24 than real life. [The Telegraph/Reuters]

    Also, see some of the best and worst photos of Kim Dotcom over at Gizmodo.

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