Meet ‘Who Dat?’, Kanye West’s New Tech Start Up

    As Gizmodo notes, Kanye West’s most recent Twitter rant included more than just ramblings of his new fashion line, potential role in the Jetsons movie, and so on. He also mentioned a new tech start up, which apparently launched in the past few days and goes by the name of…wait for it…Who Dat? 

    The site is currently in its Beta phase, but it’s still calling itself, get this, “The Facebook of websites.” Of course it is. This is Yeezy we’re talking about, though, really, this is basically the same thing as the site whois. Maybe there’s more to it than this and we’re all just missing the point? Anyway, you can head over to Who Dat? and, well, figure out who’s behind your favorite website. And tweet about it. I guess.

    Update: Thanks to reader Penny Lane for pointing out that Buzzfeed has learned that this is actually a hoax. Aww.