Meet The Parents Of Controversial 13-Year-Old Rapper Lil Mouse (Video)

    With a breakout viral song called “Get Smoked,” controversy and 13-year-old Chicago rapper Lil Mouse go together like new wave trap rap and ironic hipsters. In a new EPK released by his Hella Bandz team, we now get to meet the parents of this cash-flaunting, chain-wearing, gun-talking man-child (because, let’s face it, we have absolutely nothing else to do with our time).

    As it turns out, Mouse is a pretty regular kid, who enjoys baseball, basketball and other organized sports, and his mom is a pretty nice lady, who loves to show off her son’s baseball trophies. Unfortunately, his dad is incarcerated, but it’s good to hear he still keeps in touch.

    Just to avoid making this a soppy soap opera, though, the clip then takes us into a Mouse studio session, where Atlanta rapper Gorilla Zoe collaborates with the young pup, and grown men smoke and drink freely, completely unfazed by the fact they’re in the presence of a kid.