Meet The Guy Who Wrote Kreayshawn’s “Gucci Gucci”

    LA Weekly has scored a pretty awesome story in this week’s issue: It’s about a rapper from L.A. named Speak, who ghostwrites for acts like Plies and No Doubt, and who is responsible for a lot of the rhymes on Kreayshawn’s “Gucci Gucci.” That’s right: This is the guy who helped Kreayshawn attack our consciousness. Basically Speak went into the studio with Kreayshawn, and the two of them cooked up the song together, yet Speak hasn’t gotten paid off of it yet. The full story is here, you can read a few choice quotes below. 

    He knows he can come across as an opinionated prick (his words), but he also knows he’s valued: After all, he co-wrote Kreayshawn’s massive hit “Gucci Gucci” almost a year ago, and has collaborated on many more of her tracks, including her only other release so far, “Rich Whores.”

    Atlantic insiders have become hip to his resume, but he hasn’t talked about his role in Kreayshawn’s career until now. “We get high, play beats and freestyle. It’s all super natural. And supernatural,” he says of their creative interplay, in his irreverent style.

    “He’s a real champ,” says Kreayshawn of him.

    But despite her whiplash-worthy ascent (she signed a rumored million-dollar deal with Sony on the strength of “Gucci Gucci,” and sold out the Roxy in August), he’s not yet making money for his input. “That’s the weird thing,” he says, “seeing someone become rich overnight and getting to do all the cool things that come with being a successful artist, knowing you had a part in that, but eating Spam for dinner.”