MediaFire Staying Put, Welcomes Old MegaUpload Users

    Like RapidShare before it, file-hosting website MediaFire has come forward admist the MegaUpload hooplah to make its stance clear. According to a blog post by company co-founder Tom Langridge, MediaFire is staying put. He opened the post with the following statement:

    “Recently there has been extensive media coverage of the United States Government’s shut down of which has drawn attention to the entire cloud storage market as a whole. While I can’t speak to the allegations against MegaUpload, I’d like to just take this opportunity to clarify some misconceptions about MediaFire that I’ve seen recently.”

    Langridge explained that the file-hosting service is offering an open door for any former MegaUpload users “who want to legitimately store, access, and share their data on our cloud storage service.” he then urged new users to read the site’s “Terms of Service carefully” because “MediaFire takes violations of our Terms of Service very seriously.”

    You can read the rest of the post — it’s mostly all about the services offered by MediaFire — right here.

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